The Beginning

Finally, we can talk about the start…the start of this website, to be precise. Because the true beginning lays more than a year behind, when Ileana decided that she must change something big in her life, and exchanged the routine of a corporate job with the unexpected of an enthusiastic startup. Of course, unexpected came alongside hesitant and exhausted, but also together with extraordinary and wonderful.

Now, after many months of planning, designing, producing and adjusting, we finally enter the “finger-crossing” phase and face the world. Until now, all those who saw our scarves loved them, so we are optimistic. We tried to give them a beautiful and inviting home here, on the internet, letting you and everyone else see the results of our work and passion.

We hope you will enjoy our website, our images, our stories and our silly jokes. And we hope you will love at least one of our scarves enough to make it yours. Adding a touch of color and joy to someone’s life will really make us happy.

So… Hello! Welcome! And thank you!
This is a very good day for us.



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