Free concerts… Yes, please!

You don’t have to be an Apple fan to love Apple Music Festival. Well, it’s free. As in F. R. E. E. 🙂
Sure, you can have a chance of getting free tickets to the London edition only if you use Apple’s products and you live in the UK, but all the performances are also streamed live and available to view afterwards, free of charge.

We followed The Chemical Brothers last night. Great show, even in front of small display, thousands of miles away.
Tonight is Disclosure’s turn. Tomorrow is Pharrell Williams followed on the 28th of September by Florence + The Machine. And these are only the main acts from 4 of this year’s 10 nights of music.

They should do it more often. Let’s say… once a month in a different city.
Now that would be something, Apple 🙂

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