A great performer

We are geniuses when it comes to photography. All of us, at planetary level. And if, by chance, a visitor from Mars or Orion passes by, he will certainly want to take a selfie stick with him, as a souvenir.

However, among this mass of photography obsessed people, there are some that are truly gifted. And probably truly lucky to be able to put their talent at work where it counts, delighting many others with their performance. One of them is Tim Walker, an Englishman born in 1970 – a photographer, videographer and, we add, a master storyteller.

His work is routinely featured in Vogue (British, Italian and American editions), W Magazine, LOVE Magazine and other top titles. Many of his photographs were exhibited in design and art museums, quite a few famous ones (like The Victoria and Albert Museum and The National Portrait Gallery in London) including some of his photographs in permanent collections. He did fashion stories for many of the top labels and designers, and, if you browse his work, you will quickly find a lot of show-biz celebrities among subjects.

Walker has an unmistakable style, his dreamlike images being able to amaze (or shock) us more often than not, with complex scenes, surprising approaches and powerful messages. He is creative, bold, strange. We like him.
Maybe you would like to put him on your radar.


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