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Code (SKU): M2-WH-K063-92595


Legend says that once every one hundred years, on the first full moon of summer, from the depths of the sea, the most frightful monsters are coming to the surface to attack – or at least to frighten – people partying on the beach or sailing near the shore.

We are thinking about your safety, so please read carefully the printed instructions. Once you are fully informed, you are prepared for such frightful encounters.

Do keep in mind however, that inspired and troublemaking sea monsters don’t always care about the full moon and don’t keep a calendar (no pockets), so they can surface at any time.

Our advice? It’s always better to carry the scarf with you. You never know…

Inspired by a dream I’ve had when napping on a beach somewhere.
Graphic details:
Title: Sea Monsters
Product code (SKU): M2-WH-K063-92595
Production country: Italy
Fabric: 100% modal
Size: 140×140 cm
Packaging: luxurious box, ribbon, story card
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