Wish Upon a Star

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Product: Scarf
Fabric: 80% modal + 20% cashmere
Size: 90×200 cm
Packaging: luxurious box, ribbon, story card
Production country: Italy


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A child’s room. Two friends playing together, spinning the globe and dropping their fingers randomly. Brazil, Galapagos, Japan, Egypt, the North Pole… Spinning over and over, whispering about places they will see when they’re all grown up.
“One day I’ll go to…”
Years passed and somewhere across life’s journey that day never came, fading into blurry memory, like that vivid dream long forgotten.
Until one day the old globe was found in the dusty attic, still ready for a spin, and a little voice was heard:” Let’s play together…”
The story is not about regrets but about hope. Dreams come every night, and can come true every day, we need only to remember, and believe.

Inspired by those long childhood nights filled with infinite dreams

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Dimensions 200 × 90 cm
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