Snowflakes Quarrel (M11-BL-KB189-94357) Snowflakes Quarrel (M11-BL-KB189-94357) Snowflakes Quarrel (M11-BL-KB189-94357) Snowflakes Quarrel (M11-BL-KB189-94357) Snowflakes Quarrel (M11-BL-KB189-94357) Snowflakes Quarrel (M11-BL-KB189-94357)
FW2017, Scarves
About This Project
Code (SKU): M11-BL-KB189-94357


There are 1 trillion types of snowflakes and as far as science can tell us, the chances of two being identical are about 1 in 1 million… trillion. These are scientific facts which some people study and nearly everybody else finds dull. But what matters is that you can live 1000 lifetimes and pay very close attention but you will never find two snowflakes which are alike.
And that’s just like us, and Blabber, Dweeb and Spot. We come from the same place, and end up in the same place, but for every moment in-between we are all different, all beautiful, and all completely special…

Inspired by a magic winter night while watching the snow falling down
Graphic details:
Product code (SKU): M11-BL-KB189-94357
Production country: Italy
Fabric: 80% modal + 20% cashmere
Size: 90×200 cm
Packaging: luxurious box, ribbon, story card
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