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We are mad about life and colors, about expression and emotions, about every little thing that makes someone’s day better. We sometimes search for inspiration in the weirdest places, we twist our minds around strange ideas and when we find an intriguing story… we twist our minds a little more.   •    We’re perfectionists, we’re enthusiasts, relentlessly searching for the smiles and delight of those who see our products. We bet you’ll love them. Madly :)

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Unique and


There’s nothing wrong with patterns, but we chose to ignore them for the moment. We chose a fresh approach using surprising designs and colors, able to lift your spirit every time.

Marabeca - The Change

Hand drawn,

full of heart

Each one of our designs is drawn by hand, sketched, coloured, brushed, discarded, redone, improved, then digitised, composed, adjusted and completed. And very much loved. 

Marabeca - Twisted Reality

High quality,
made in Italy

All our scarves are made in Como, Lombardy – the Italian region famous for many of the finest textile companies in the world. We use only premium materials and processes.

Marabeca - A Good Night of Day Dreaming

Soft and

easy to wear

Very pleasing to the touch, the pieces can be draped and worn differently each time as every design offers unique views when the story unfolds and the vivid colors are revealed.

Marabeca - The Princess abd the Pea



A world without stories would be as dull as a world without colors, no doubt about it. Stories enhance our perceptions and our experiences. They help us to lovingly give a meaning to all things around us or, on the contrary, they help us to amazingly escape reality for a while.   •    We enjoy stories and we encourage you to let yourself be carried by a story from time to time, maybe taking Marabeca as charming guide.   •    Yes, it’s a scarf, but occasionally it’s something more: an attitude, a feeling, a conversation starter, a rebellion, a dream. And if you happen to think we exaggerate a little, remember… We are all mad here.

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